Floristic Boutique


Create a recognizable corporate identity that reflects the harmonious state of mind of the founder in the symbiosis of expressing the home interior

Key concepts

sense of taste, harmony, creativity, magnetism

Founded by Anastasiya Goncharova, Ukrainian born photographer and creative director. We bring together art and nature, embracing a sense of tranquillity and serenity. In Hedoniya shop you can find seasonal flowers, and authentic decor from emerging artists.
Key priorities: sustainable materials, modern design, minimal and sensual communication. Touches of quick sketches, a moment of understatement. Integration of the text style identity that "comes to life"

Communication in all its manifestations. Feeling the depth, breathing it in and being emotionally filled.


“Exploration of nature’s sensuality through floral design and photography

The birth of history. The concepts of hedonism and exclusivity. What is behind it?
Hedoniya is a new modern vision of the brand of decorative elements and floristry studio. It is about the aesthetics of each petal. It is about macro and micro, when you look at each product as a picture. When you want to look at it in its entirety and feel every single detail. It is about light sketches that balance and create a new recognizable stage. It's about the harmony of all concepts together in the face of the founder and her main layers.
Discover a curated selection of authentic decor, created by emerging artist.
Being 100% handbuilt, each vase has a slight difference in pattern, shape and size. This makes them perfectly imperfect and truly unique. Raw unglazed texture speaks for the nature's honesty itself.

HEDONIYA, a floristry that offers curated selection of seasonal flowers and authentic decor. Driven by harmony of inner-self with nature.

Philosophy of HEDONIYA
The essence of Hedoniya is found in a balance between delicacy and roughness, simplicity and ambiguity. Hedoniya - a peaceful state of mind being reached by reconnection of inner-self with nature. It is a relief from artificial values.It is an awareness of the moment, and own presence in it with the heart wide open. Hedoniya is an ability to see beauty in simple, honest things, experiencing them as a whole.

The story of 4 structures: limited edition prints, floral subscription, ceramics and candles as the main elements of a cozy interior. Authentic forms of the brand's corporate identity.
Be present.
“My goal as an artist is to create an atmosphere of harmony, beauty, and peace.”
— Anastasiya Goncharova, Floral designer
The world of hedoniya is a manifestation of sensuality and human nature. Her work is driven by pleasure of the moment, by its’ fragility and distinctiveness. This concept is reflected in “hedoniya” that became a life philosophy rather than just a pseudonym.

The harmony of body shapes, the aesthetics of knitting lines, everything around creates the same space of aesthetics and perception. We use similar structures to depict the font logo of the brand name composition. When each element can exist on its own, but together, as a whole, they complement the effect of immersion.
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