Double Aesthetics


Combining elegance and conciseness with avant-garde and conceptuality

Key concepts

shaping, accents, dualism, calligraphy

We went to reflect this same connection through the unique forms of the style of the text, inspired by the work of calligraphers and people who create their lettering.
This symbiosis of calligraphy, lines and serifs that move seamlessly from some larger forms to more subtle ones. The very key character "C" of the beginning of the brand's naming translates a duplicated inversion.

It would be logical and correct to show that the creators of the brand are twins, but to say it unobtrusively and almost imperceptibly. There is a story of two elements that create one whole, interdependent and inseparable.


Inverse mind, invert sense

If we conventionally draw a horizontal axis, the top layer is more solid, filled with ink, while the bottom is made more hollow. Which in turn gives the differences between the forms, but in their outlines they are almost identical.

Two local artist that create innovativeness on open spaces of their homeland with the help of tricot
'Ukrainian hands'

"Our new knitted sweater as a symbol of support for Ukraine where hands are holding each other. The main idea was to show how the world is supporting our country at that hard time, the unity of the global community.

The main element of the new collection became a knitted sweater, which depicts arms that hold tight making the unbreakable and close link between the people"

The knitwear provides multiple options: how to be fashion, how to maintain comfort, how to prove useful for the surrounding.
Based on the stylized font of the name, a pattern and a coherent illustration is created. The shaping of the image comes from the associations of pattern making.
The intertwining of the shapes and lines of the illustration can serve as an association to the combinations and interconnections of tools and fantasies in the fashion design industry.
“We bring in our DNA an idea to show you how to save the home world. Our house is built from steel and bricks, but our home - from knitting, sustainability, and love.”
— Alexandr&Sergii Chuyko, Designers
The brand's palette is monochrome to serve as a backdrop and to bring the clothing design and photo shoot itself to the forefront.

Textures are added, which in turn also serve as accent backgrounds. This set of elements can be broadcast as a supplement to photo shoots as well as a basis for the design of the brand's different media.

CHUYKO is all about combination of creativity with desire to save our planet. Join up the art division of the knitted architecture that will brighten up the world!
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