Realistic Architectural Visualization


Artistic and informative communication of the project to the end user

Key concepts

fine simple lines, individuality, bright accents, realism

The idea in a clear and beautiful form, to interpret 3D into flat space. I'm an avant-garde, artistic, shape-shifting, spatial. "Nice neutral tones, but with a twist" - from the combinations that were suggested, we derived a single set of colors that complement each other and at the same time can exist independently.
Brand slogan: "not as faux, only realistic"
It reinforces the formation of the naming of the brand, which is the structure of no as. And illuminates the main idea of the brand -going from flat fake to volume and realistic.


What does the designer need? - an image that embodies his idea

Transition of simple symbols familiar to everyone into a unique geometry geometric logo. They combine to create the shapes of each unique symbol of the brand name, in their own sequence, showing the artistic of each.

Realistic by default, with no possible indulgences. Not flat or artificial.

The geometry of the "NOAS" logo is based on
representation of simple shapes. Circle and square. It would seem, what could be simpler and more logical?
In plan this motif is similar to the cut of an order in a colonnade ensemble, the image of a volumetric mass in 2D space.

We wanted to duplicate the naming of the brand, explaining this by the fact that the font logo and its geometry are authentic and unique. So that everyone could read the familiar recognizable symbols and fix in his memory noas studio.

In the form of a logo can act as a complete brand naming, as well as a monogram - the first symbol "N".
The graphic elements complement the text without overwhelming.
There is nothing taken out of context, everything is integral in composition and logically leads to a single meaning - visualization (not only in words but also in pictures).
The combination of font compositions similarly plays on the counterweight, highlighting the positive aspects of each. Serifs or simple rounded shapes? Pair play, aesthetics in details. The geometry of the lines comes together like a puzzle and can be combined in different ways.
“Impress your clients by converting your 2D drawings into presentable photorealistic 3D renderings in no time.”
— Bohdan&Yuliya, Co-Founder & CEO
The junction of two spaces. The balance of opposites, which are on opposite sides, but impossible without each other.
Without knowing what is flat, we will never feel the volume.

As a result, we saw the line between your work in the presentation and our proposal.
Similar tones, outlines of lines, a sense of transformation and a past that is not detached, that has already created its own history.

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