Interior Studio


To demonstrate the ideology of the project, which saves time and resources, while maintaining professionalism and work for the result

Key concepts

modularity, order of compositions, coziness, reliability

The studio concept is based on ready-made design solutions that are modular. This saves a lot of time and money, because essentially three steps are required from the client: provide a measurement, fill out a questionnaire with wishes, and choose your style from the list.
The brand's slogan was based on a suggestion to explain the company's name. This sweet-sounding phrase "interior to the gut" reinforces the notion of a home space that is to one's liking.

What does the customer need? - a cozy corner, taking into account the realities of today.


It's fast and without unnecessary questions, all the work is organized and efficient

Since ancient times, man has been arranging his place of residence. A cave is the primary concept of housing. Something stable and uncluttered.

This very entrance is the boundary where two worlds are conditionally divided. Where the space inside is formed by the concepts of security and family. It also plays the role of a typical castle, which resonates with the idea of "we'll do the repairs, just give us the keys".

The arch shape is the personification of the interior space, the main entrance to the room. The place where your life begins, your home and your home.

The geometry of the logo duplicates the symbols, demonstrating their modular character. The lines themselves are rounded at the corners and thickened, creating an atmosphere of stability and authority.
The iconic and font logo is inscribed in the shape of a square, which is a modular element of each of the company's symbols.

A lot of emphasis is placed not only on the modularity of the concepts, but also on saving the usual time of work, which is divided into certain stages. That's why our iconic element becomes a functional tool for representing the appropriate time period from start to completion. Everything is done for the simplest possible understanding of the well-established connection of processes.
The radiality of the iconic logo's shapes illustrates the brand's catchy headlines, forming its recognizable communication style.
The geometry of the font combinations exists on the border of straight and rounded shapes, which shows the adaptability of the project in all possible spaces.
The brand's palette is diverse and capsule at the same time, with all its offers being independent and appropriate in any combination. Just as tastes, moods, and styles of concepts are different, so each of the colors will accurately convey and harmoniously intertwine with the required space of use.
For the English-speaking audience, this concept of "gut" is unfamiliar and unusual. To simplify and facilitate the understanding of the project's ideology, an additional slogan "inhabited cave" was proposed, which literally means "developed, inhabited cave". In addition, this concept of "inhabited place" is a direct translation of the foreign word "adaptation," which is a key characteristic of the brand. After all, everyone wants to build their own place.
“It's about the warmth of every home where life is born.”
— Daniel&Olena, Architects
A considerable emphasis is placed on the use of materials that are already available for each of the concepts. In fact, the brand design itself is minimalist, focusing on the space around it. It aptly complements it and evokes a sense of experience, sustainability, and expertise. The appendix contains photos of completed projects, interior details of which formed the NUTRO space.

The silhouette design is imbued with a desire to be at home, a taste of comfort. Thinking about yourself and your desires first, giving all the work to a person you can trust. With an understanding of what you will get as a result.
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