Outsourcing HR


Combining fixed work principles and process dynamics, demonstrating life

Key concepts

stability, quality, full of colors, trust

Our story begins with the full formulation of the abbreviation of our brand naming. The font typography of the phrase "Back To Work" includes thickened uppercase helvetica characters. Loudly, confidently, with a thirst for publicity.
It is independent and can stand alone or in conjunction with the company's naming. At the same time, the abbreviation takes on new meanings, visually creating a holistic B2W image.


People, work, the future

How to demonstrate each of the words clearly and accurately with the help of iconography? Accurately and appropriately.

Our arrow as a symbol of returning "back" and the number "2" in accordance with the naming identify the meaning of the brand, its mission.

We weave these symbols together to form the iconic brand logo.

In terms of proportions, it is a pure miscalculation that emphasizes a quality approach, stability, and scale. The brand palette includes various shades of green. A sense of calmness, trust, and the future.
Variability is gaining strength, and it is also possible to combine the abbreviated and full brand names, where the second one can serve as a descriptor, belonging to the employment service sector.
“Who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”
— Zenowii Hodzinets, Founder&CEO
Our iconic logo in combination with the abbreviation is transformed and rediscovered in each of the examples.

Slogans, branded key concepts about Flexibility, Trust, everything is imbued with a sense of scale and experience. When the company uses portraits of people in its advertising materials, they are the main participants in the process in all its manifestations, part of the structure.

Let's get back to work!
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