Alcohol Brand


Show a one-of-a-kind alcohol that combines different cultures, ancestors and unique style

Key concepts

antiquity, exclusivity, division of the whole

The brand name OXYMA refers to its historical past. It is about high value and elitism. A hobby that we have been doing for a long time has grown into something more. It is a matter of life that has united Polish and Ukrainian hearts.
We want to share our story with you. We depict the triad of gods and clarify that it is such a godly pleasure that only they know. And this knowledge is passed on to us through alcohol. Different interpretations for different types of alcohol and moods. Everyone will find what is closest to them.

This product is for people who have reached the legal drinking age.


Alcohol doesn't create vices, it just exposes them

This element shows the division of the whole. It involves very simple, clear forms with a touch of philosophy.
Combining simple forms with complex forms - visually good perception.

Alcohol that unites!

Love and passion, which is improved through gaining experience, deepening our knowledge until we realise that «Yes! That is exactly what we need!»

Why the Greek theme?

Its lightness and delicacy are difficult to compare with earthly feelings. This is something more, something special!
Greek gods and their appearance are superimposed on the brand element, combining 2d flat accent shapes and 3d graphic sculptures. The triad of gods: past, present and future, passion, balance and unawareness in each bottle.
Excellent in refreshing cocktails and, cooled down, in shots. It will certainly be well received at house and club parties and as a gift.
“We are OXYMA, an exclusive, elite drink for the young-at-heart people who appreciate experience, pay attention to detail, and love to enjoy life.”
— Pawel&Iryna, Founders
Each batch is a unique 120-300 bottles, hand-labeled, with an individual number on each and the producer's own signature.
All spirits are made from natural ingredients. Each bottle packed in an exclusive tube.

Taste the drink of gods!
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