Heart Rate Streaming


Creating a superficially recognizable style that is close to the gamer, understandable and interpretable by him

Key concepts

development, quality, growth, emotionality, interaction, transparency

There is a close connection with users, a high level of client marketing: surveys, technical support, and simplicity of functionality. Current slogan: be closer to your viewers. Perhaps you would like to introduce a hero, an iconic recognizable logo. If related platforms (dixper, streamlabs & discord) use a face-shaped maxim, it is advisable to go the other way.
The main client is a streamer. He identifies this opportunity with honesty with the audience (without falsity), which brings him emotionally closer to his viewers. Recognizable style for the target audience - more visuals (gifs, funny pictures, emoticons, memes) for clear communication of information.

We analyzed the article "10 Most Desired Emotions in the World of Gaming", which showed that positive emotions are of primary importance. Probably, players have enough negative emotions outside the game context. A hypothesis was also put forward regarding the choice of games with intimidating scenarios. Gamers hope to experience excitement and corresponding relief, and fear is a side effect.

App shows the pulse, but not in a primitive way, but in an interesting and modern way.


We want to create a product that helps our users grow, develop, and earn more

We would like to emphasize the simplicity of our characters, which have a variable pulse shape and eye modifications, thereby reflecting the diversity of the spectrum of emotions.

We are talking about the authenticity of feelings, their transparency, so a flat single line turns into a consistent change of frequencies, which more accurately reflects the concept of "heartbeat".

The text logo is made on the edge of combinations of straight lines. They are close to the gaming world, a transformation from pixelated interpretation to a more readable and familiar one. The heart rate itself, its character, is demonstrated not only by quantitative indicators, but also by the nature of the lines, which are straight and sharp at their beginnings.
Strengthening of the pulse readings. From the beginning of the origin (standard resting state indicators) to the line of excitation and in the opposite direction of repayment.
The same columns are a visual representation of the growth that the brand communicates.

We wanted to explain the graphic representation of the brand's characters. It is associatively reminiscent of keys as the main element of information transmission and movement. It is possible to introduce the following verbal expression "keys of emotions" as a brand feature, which effectively reflects the company's mission on the verge of the gamified world.
Rhythm is the alternation and correlation of lines of emphasis. The same visual representation is given to the texts, which are dynamic and show the emergence of the pulse,
changes in its indicators.
As for the digital designation of the heart rate, the graphic interpretation is possible in a static version of the heart iconography combined with a quantitative indicator. Visually, this moment can be played up by duplicating the elements from smaller to larger, spreading out from the center.
The color palette is a vivid analogy to the familiar game of Tetris, where similar geometric shapes are depicted.
We use a shade of blue as the dominant color, so as not to completely depart from the current style. In addition to it, we offer a combination of achromatic palette and color accents of mustard and coral.
The mood of this range is drive, precision, development, and friendliness.
“Bring your content to life with authenticity, and Pulsoid will help you do just that.
Your breakthrough into the world of streaming.”
— Pulsoid's team
The slogan "valid emotions" shows the transparency of the application and the entire system, the need to introduce a pulse into streaming to the highest possible quality. When all your feelings are quantified and live, the truthfulness and honesty of your emotional state is clear.

In general, the style is permeated with a combination of typography rhythms, quantitative indicators, and iconography of pixelated recognizable shapes, such as the cursor arrow. It's bright, it's real, it's about the main thing - your growth as a streamer in terms of app engagement and content quality.
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