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Online Magazine


To combine the strong personal brand of the founder with the magazine's publications

Key concepts

geometry of lines, graphics, content, just about the complex

Online magazine with plans and articles that saves you time.
When developing the visual range of the brand, the text part was used as the basis of visual stylistics. Only the text itself is the most logical and concise image, which does not need to be supplemented.


We collect information and consult with professionals for you.

Our key graphic element was the symbol of size, namely the "segment". It is easy to perceive and memorize, immediately identifies the field of activity and is a dynamic part of the corporate identity.

The H is the main link between all areas of the brand, stylized as a size symbol and used as the main element of branding.

We created content that is easy to fill in. Themed retro photos in accordance with the topics create the feeling that you will be helped and understood here. Everything is on the verge of combining usefulness and really professional things with a universal presentation and a drop of humor.

Learning should always be interesting and interactive.
- Structured articles by topic convenient and clear;
- Ideas for apartment layouts of various sizes, shapes and complexity;
- Involvement of professional specialists for writing articles and consulting channel members.
“I am an interior designer and a fan of planning.”
— Olga Bondar, Co-Founder
About Olga

"I have been in design since 2014 and only now I finally realized that my true and strong love is planning.
For almost a year, I ran a free "planning analysis" section on Instagram and made more than 200 plans a year, more than 250 on a paid basis, and organized a Planning Intensive for colleagues, which was attended by more than 1000 people.
And now I present to you my new project, in which I have invested all my experience, knowledge, mistakes, ability to structure and clearly convey information.

Co-founder of the "Interior design for peace project", a charitable association of design and architecture professionals to help the country."
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