Інтернет-ринок продуктів


Display brand's credo and essence - what grows from the earth

Key concepts

honest, ethnic, local, scale

The field, a deep shade of green. Its outline reminds us of the rounded fields of the old logo, which have become iconic for us.

The skin, its facets, the shape of the planet, the radius of delivery, and importantly the direct translation of the key word of the new concept - encyclopedia, to take responsibility for becoming a source of knowledge, from the Greek "learning in a full circle". We add all this with horizontal lines that disperse and symbolize a product that grew from the soil itself, from the ground.
Pure white background strengthens the truthful composition.


from the Greek learning in a full circle

Circle. It appears as the outline and boundaries of the existing iconic logo. Radial forms are present everywhere, in all elements of the internal composition. It is the circle that is the shape of the planet, which in macro space, globally, touches on many ecological, exciting themes.

We are not afraid to show what's inside, because we are sure that we are good on the outside as well as on the inside.

Why didn't we capitalize the two symbols "F" and "M"? They are conspicuous and come from a completely different sphere of activity, which is irrelevant to us.
We got around this by using the first part "fresh" and emphasizing the freshness of the product rather than the fact that it is a market.

The earth is both our planet and our main source of nourishment. The key idea that went into the existing logo is what grows from the earth - the credo and essence of the Freshmart brand.
The same symbol of the circle is any fruit, any vegetable in a cut. Also this sign is a display element of the radius of delivery of products.
Combining them into a coherent composition and a new company logo.
“The company's policy is diversity in everything, good for everyone. Among us there are vegans, raw foodists, and just supporters of a healthy lifestyle.”
— Freshmart team
Outdoor advertising is large-scale, about the main thing - the key communication accurate slogans that will respond. shows the logo, the field of activity, that is the descriptor and the main thing a potential client wants to see - "something new, from a new angle"

The lettering, details, and play with typography are key elements of the digital space.
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